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We have travelled the world to seek out the varieties that produce the sweetest and juiciest fruit. We found them in Spain, Italy and America and brought them all the way to South Africa to make your life sweeter. - Greta Zetler, Co-Founder

When is the strawberry season at Polkadraai Farm?

We have strawberries at Polkadraai Farm from September to January each year. You can also Pick Your Own strawberries or buy ready picked fruit from our Farmstall.


How many strawberry varieties do you grow?

There are hundreds of commercial strawberry varieties, with new ones being developed all the time.

Currently, Polkadraai Farm grows Honor, Splendor, Commitment, Albion, Festival, Candonga, Viva Patricia and many more. There are even more varieties undergoing trials for us to evaluate whether it makes the premium grade expected from a Zetler Berry. Only the sweetest and juiciest varieties make it through the tough trials and qualify to be grown in our strawberry fields.

Which variety is the best?

Flavour preferences are quite personal, so we recommend that you try a range of varieties while in season and decide for yourself which is the best!

Viva Patricia is a new variety known for its large size, supple skin and high levels of sugar. Viva Patricia strawberries are coloured bright orange/red with a glossy sheen.

The Splendor variety is of medium size with shiny, intense red flesh. Splendor strawberries are full of juice and are said to have the “original” strawberry flavour due to their near perfect balance of sweet and acid. Splendor and its cousin Honor originate from California. It’s considered a “farmer’s favourite” for its great taste and large production of fruit.

Candonga is known for it’s near perfect shape and outstanding flavour. This variety is often sold by retailers at a premium due to its great taste and large and shiny fruit. An improved variant by the name of Sabrina is being trialled and we hope that it will join Candonga as our favourite varieties from Spain.

Albion is a day-neutral variety from California. Day neutral varieties are able to produce fruit during long days and short nights. Albion fruit are conically shaped and have a great flavour. At Polkadraai Farm, we use Albion as a late bearer when other varieties can no longer produce quality fruits.

Where can I buy Zetler Berries?

Zetler Berries are available from most leading retailers nationwide including our Zetlers Food & Wine Shop located at TOTAL Lynedoch on the R310/Baden Powell Road.